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​​Usage Rights

If you would like to use any of Kellie's images, you must have written permission from Kellie Watson and pay a licensing fee to her before using any of her images. Alternatively you can make arrangements with her to buy prints, cards, canvases, metal prints or other versions of these photographs.

All images posted on or any published photograph on Social Media or other web page (example, but not exclusive to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Internet Newspapers) are the property of Kellie Watson, Snye Photography and (unless otherwise noted) copyrighted according to the year they were published. 

If you would like to share her images from or any published photograph on Social Media web page (example, but not exclusive to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), you are allowed to do this if you follow these steps:
     1) clearly state where the photographs came from and 
     2) provide a link back to the original post.

     3) All creators of Canadian original works hold moral rights with regards to their work.

         Moral rights include:

  • The right to associate his/her name with his/her work (mention);
  • The right to the integrity of one’s work – without the work being cropped, cut, excessively trimmed or altered.

If you have questions about any information on this website, or if you need more information on using Kellie Watson's and/or Snye Photography's images, please send an email with your questions to:

Any form of copyright infringement or theft of content from or any Social Media or other Web Page is subject to copyright violation and legal action.

The following items should be applied to all photographs created by Kellie Watson, Snye Photography.

All Canadian creators of original work automatically hold the copyright on their original works (the ones that they have created).

© Kellie Watson, Snye Photography, 2019, none of the contents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.
© Kellie Watson, Snye Photography, 2019 the author’s credit should, at all time, be included with the work.
© Kellie Watson, Snye Photography, 2019 low resolution reproduction is permitted only on the Internet.

For information regarding copyright rules in Canada please refer to: and search for copyright law information.

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